Morality and Evil


Think for a second and ask yourself: Would the world be a more or less safe place if there was no such thing as the United States of America?

There are many parts of the world that, I believe, would be a lot less safe if America was not around.

The reason for this is because Americans understand that their are great powers of evil in the world and they believe it is their obligation to end evil.

The primary reason that Americans has done so much good for the world is because they have fought evil.

The truth is that Americans die for others to give other people around the world better lives. One example is in the case of South Korea. Why is it that Psy, a singer from South Korea with the famous song “Gangnam Style” is able to get worldwide fame and travel around the country while earning money without being restricted or punished by his government?

The incredibly important reason for this is because of the Korean War when the United States liberated South Korea from Communism, the biggest mass-murdering ideology in history. It is because of the United States that South Korea is not like North Korea today.

Americans are so blessed with this precious gift of Liberty and they feel as if they should risk their lives to share it with other people of the world.

Some may argue that Americans intervene in other countries for economic means. But what was in Korea that would help the U.S. economically? Rubber? What was in the Nazi death camps where the US intervened to liberate that was so important economically?

Unfortunately, many people, especially the youth in society are starting to be taught that instead of fighting evil, fighting is evil; the antithesis of what America has done to stop evil in history. This idea of not fighting evil is a very dangerous and foolish approach.

Sometimes to end evil, you have to fight evil. The way the United States liberated South Korea, Vietnam, death camps, and Iraq was by fighting. Evil people do not care about a deal on a signed paper. They care about destroying people who are good. That is why the President of Iran wishes to “wipe Israel off the map;” the Jewish state about the size of New Jersey and El Salvador that wishes nothing, but peace with its enemies. The reason Israel still exists today is because it is fighting its neighbors who wish to destroy it; not because they believe “war is not the answer.”

I believe America is truly exceptional. One of the reasons is because of its urge to give freedom to others in the world. How many Germans, Swedes, Italians, French die to give freedom to others like America has? America itself is essential, especially in terms of retaining liberty and safety. I cannot imagine the dark world we would live in without the United States of America and its unique values.

I believe just as it says on the Liberty Bell from the Hebrew Bible: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” 


4 thoughts on “Morality and Evil

  1. America has done bad things too, which were more evil than good. Dropping an atomic bomb twice on Japan (after it was already defeated), The Vietnam War, funding Osama Bin Laden. The list goes on. If you want to argue against an ideology that you disagree with, you should list a few of their points and point out why they are “wrong.”

  2. Since when was the Vietnam War a bad thing? I tend to believe that dying to give freedom to others living in Communism is a good thing. Also, the idea that Leftism believes that people are basically good, and therefore there is no need to fight evil people, is wrong. America has fought evil countries to liberate them. The reason South Korea is not like North Korea is only because of the United States of America.

    • Here is why the Vietnam War was bad. Too much information to type in a comment.

      You didn’t respond to my other points about wars America has fought in. Leftism believes that you should only get involved in a war if involvement is necessary for the benefit of humanity, not wars over resources and power like the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. My fundamental issue with your article is that you assert that no matter what America does, they will always be in the right. That is not true.

      • Well first of all, you do not seem to understand that the Vietnam war liberated people from Communism at the time. You may not see that as a good thing, but I believe that is a noble thing. Second, we just fundamentally disagree about the outcomes of American interventions (ex. Vietnam, Iraq). I tend to believe that America has brought freedom to people around the world and liberated them from evil dictators. While you believe that these wars were for economic reasons. What was in South Korea that America needed so much economically, that its soldiers risked their lives for? The Left always seems dislike all of America’s actions, even though they have liberated countries. Instead, the Left has more trust in the U.N., which puts Iran on its human rights council. I never said that America has never done any bad things, there is no such thing as a country that it isn’t flawed. The point I’m trying to make is that America has done more good for the world than any other country in history.

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