“My fellow Amer…


John F Kennedy

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” ~ John F Kennedy

The European idea of relying on the state to take care of you worsens people’s character. The American idea that teaches people to work hard and take care of themselves and others produces a better individual.


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    • That’s why Americans give much more charity and volunteer far more hours that Western Europeans. There is a reason why more people immigrate to America than any other country in the world. There is a reason why America is called the “land of opportunity,” not Europe.

  1. A couple of your facts are wrong. America does not have a higher percentage of immigrants than many European countries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_foreign-born_population_in_2005 America is called the land of oppurtunity by Americans, most Europeans (by this I mean Northern Europe which isn’t in an economic crisis and hasn’t been for years) are pretty happy with their countries. Sure the taxes are high, but the social safety nets there are great, unemployment rates are low, and they spend one fifth of what the US spends on healthcare, despite the fact that they provide better coverage. I’m not arguing that Europe is better, but just saying that if you announce that America is the best no matter what, then you are sadly deluded. I couldn’t find any data on volunteer hours by nation, but if you could point me in that direction that would be great.

  2. Well actually, your data is wrong. First of all, Wikipedia is not a trusted source and that is from 2005. This is a correct source which states that America has the most immigrants: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/imm_imm_pop_num_of_imm-immigration-immigrant-population-number-immigrants
    Moreover, if people from other countries didn’t think that this is the country where they can best succeed, then America wouldn’t have the most immigrants. People come here for individual freedom and opportunity, not a big government; people escape from big government.

    When I speak of Europe, I mean the welfare states of Western Europe. The latest example of Leftisms failure is the Greek debt crises produced by the very same Welfare state that the Left is advocating for.

    Also, I do not only argue for the economy. I argue for values. We Americans have a unique value system: Liberty, In G-d We Trust, E Pluribus Unum. In Europe, material equality and big government is more important than Liberty. Therefore people start to rely on the state to take care of them instead of taking the responsibility to take care of themselves. In America, it is up to us to take care of ourselves and achieve success. Happiness is earned not given. Second, without G-d there is no liberty. The Left wishes to replace G-d, with a secular society, just like in Europe. Since, after all , if our rights come from people, they can be taken away by people. That also means there is no overall meaning in life; it is just a bunch of particles. So why reproduce or fight wars? Which explains Europe’s low reproduction rate and small army sizes. Finally, E Pluribus Unum, meaning out of many peoples, one nation and culture, is at risk of being replaced by the Left by multiculturalism. Instead of everyone being considered one American culture, people would be identified as their national origins. The American way is that society focuses on the individual and his/her abilities. That is why if a Russian immigrates to Germany for example, he will still be considered a Russian. While if this Russian, immigrates to the US, he/she is considered an American. An American can look African American, Chinese, Indian, and so on.

    Finally, my sources for America giving more than Western Europeans is here:

  3. Actually the reason Greece’s economy crashed was because they were in serious debt when they joined the European Union. Joining the EU alleviated some of the debt, but after a while it piled up due to the low taxes and the rich/ upper middle class who evaded paying their fair share. When Greece collapsed, since it was a part of the EU, it contributed to the economic collapse of other European countries. However, the countries that collapsed were not the countries with a social democratic form of government. The most liberal/progressive countries in Europe are Northern European. They include Denmark, Finland (best education in the world), The Netherlands, and others. Hell, even Canada is doing well because of their socially liberal economic policies. Your data on immigration is a great source. If you add up all the European countries and compare the amount of people immigrating there to the amount of people immigrating to America, the ratio is actually (not including many European countries, just the top few) 57,387,000 European emigrants to 38,355,000 American emigrants Your statement about a Russian immigrating to Germany versus a Russian immigrating to America makes little sense. I don’t see any evidence to prove that a German Russian is treated any differently than an American Russian. Americans are often hostile to immigrants, such as Latin Americans who come to the country looking for jobs, and who also create jobs and small businesses (part of the beautiful cycle of capitalism). Unfortunately, many people, especially on the right wing, treat these people with xenophobia.

  4. First, do you not realize that your comparing 27 countries in the EU to one country on immigration? Therefore, obviously 27 countries combined will have more immigrants (not much) than one country, the US. Second, Greece’s economy collapsed because the government would spend a lot to benefit people on government assistance. Then would rely on the next generation to pay for it with taxes. However, there would not be enough money coming in revenue since more and more people rely on the state to take care of them instead of working. Therefore, it falls apart like every ponzi scheme does.
    An immigrant is treated differently here than in Europe because we only care about the individual him/herself. The Left focuses on the person’s national roots. There is a reason why you will see people of all different backgrounds and colors in America, unlike any other country. In fact, our president is African-American. There is no other country were immigrants have the personal freedom and rights as America does. People do not want to be identified as where they are from or the color of their skin, such as in Affirmative Action, they want to be seen as a fellow American where they can pursue happiness. And that is the essence of E Pluribus Unum.

  5. You do realize that comparing immigration in a country with 60 million people like the UK to a country with 300 million people (the US) doesn’t make very much sense. Comparing part of Europe to all of the United States is a more adept comparison. The reason I originally cited wikipedia was because it listed the % of the population that was foreign born. Wikipedia is a valid source when the sources for the data is cited. The reason we have such diversity in America has more to do with geography and the slave trade than it does with “our tolerance of foreigners”, which I can show you plenty counterexamples to, especially from many rightwing politicians. Also, doesn’t that term that you used, “African-American”, focus on that person’s national roots?

    Affirmative Action was put into place because people were prejudiced against black people and this law gave the African Americans more power where they had none before. Even now people of color are being discriminated against, plenty of police officers profile, and are more likely to search an African American than a white American. An average African American still makes only 71% of what the average white American does.

    Source: http://www.epi.org/publication/why_do_black_men_earn_less/

    Also, I don’t think you understand how Greece collapsed, read this article, it may be helpful. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/greece/7646320/Greece-why-did-its-economy-fall-so-hard.html

  6. First of all, you were comparing the European Union (which has 27 countries) to the United States in your original statement. That, my friend, is absurd. Second, the fact is that more African-Americans have come here voluntarily than from slavery. Moreover, the reason why America is made up of different ethnicities is because they can have a better life here. America is the least racist and xenophobic country in the world. Members of other races and nationalities know this. Even Muslim and Arab writers have noted that nowhere in the Arab or larger Muslim world does an Arab or any other Muslim have the individual rights, liberty, and dignity that a Muslim living in America has. As for Latinos and Asians, vast numbers of them from El Salvador to Korea regard America as the land of opportunity. Also, I call them African-Americans because that is what they are. How else do you want me to refer to them in writing? But when dealing with them and looking at them is society, I identify them by their own abilities and decency. The Left, in fact is the one that is preoccupied with color. That is why they want to give special treatment and attack anyone who criticizes a black. This then causes them to think that society refers to them as their color foremost. Conservatives actually take Blacks more seriously than the Left does. We believe that people should earn their success, regardless of what they look like. The Left on the other hand treats people differently based on the color of their skin.

    In the case of Greece, why do you think people didn’t want to pay taxes? Maybe because the state raises them so much that it hurts individuals. Also the other reason why Greece had the crises was because the retirement age in the country is low and benefits are generous from the government. Moreover, the country spent more than it took in (ABC News). Leftism doesn’t like the idea that people should work hard. Instead they value people being taken care of. Americans see work as ennobling, Europeans, on the other hand, do not.

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