An Emotion Based Ideology


Look at almost any left-wing policy, and you will surely find that the motives behind them are rooted in emotion. Moreover, when dealing with making policies for the country, people on the left decide on what feels good and compassionate instead of thinking about the issue rationally. On the Left, the heart is primarily used to make decisions, not the brain.

An example of this can be seen in the Left’s fight to redefine marriage to same-sex couples. The reason behind this is mainly based off of compassion for homosexuals. The idea of redefining marriage has to do with feeling for gays and it is something that feels very good to do. However, the Left fails to be rational in their decision-making. The primary focus on redefining marriage is on the individual and how he/she feels. Moreover, the Left does not even dare to consider how redefining marriage will affect society. They fail to understand that when society ignores the fact that a child needs a mother and father, it hurts civilization. The entire premise of same-sex marriage is that the significance of male and female do not matter, only love does. The notion that society sees no difference between a man and a woman raising a child and a man/man or woman/woman raising a child is dangerous. But these facts are not a big deal to the Left, only love is. All that matters is whether or not people feel good about themselves.

Another example of this is seen in the Left’s entitlement state. The idea of the government taking care of people may feel like a good and noble thing to do, but it ends up hurting society; producing narcissism among people where they rely on the state to take care of them and their fellow citizens instead of taking the responsibility to take care of themselves and others.  Moreover, the outcomes can already be seen in Western Europe where riots take place over lowering the retirement age as well as receiving more time to travel on vacation from the government.

There is no doubt that the Left feels that nobody’s feelings should be hurt by anyone. This is seen in colleges and in other public places in the United States where people are not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” so there is no risk of anyone being offended. On college campuses, many types of speech are not allowed. This is specifically seen in the University of North Carolina, where words such as “freshman” and sexually explicit jokes or “looks” are banned so no one feels uncomfortable or offended. The stupidity of these rules hurts a free society. This idea of banning people to say what they want, contracts liberty. Should we not be able to have birthday celebrations so no one’s feelings are hurt if is not their birthday? Nonetheless, America has created a system that states that people should be able to take care of themselves and have self-control. It is always our choice whether or not we want our feelings to get hurt.

Statements such as “hate speech” are illegal in Western Europe. But, we Americans are so blessed to have a society rooted in liberty where people are allowed to say what they want without being worried whether or not it will offend anyone. However, the Left is creating a society where the government treats people like children, where nobody’s feelings should be hurt whatsoever. However, American civilization has always been a society of “grown ups,” where people are able to control their feelings and take care of themselves; the antithesis of Leftism.

Another area where this is seen is in California’s public school history textbooks where different minorities’ actions are added in different parts of the history textbooks, even if they had no significant impact, in order for them to feel good about themselves. But what the Left fails to understand is that it takes away the real truth of history from the children learning from them.

A big area where emotions override rationality is in American elementary schools. In some schools, dodge ball is banned because children may get hurt, not physically, but mentally. The idea that people will feel bad when being eliminated bothers the Left.

This notion of taking care of people and banning people so everybody feels good hurts society and contracts liberty. One would expect this type of behavior from a daycare center that takes care of children. Where children are not allowed to hurt others’ feelings. However, the truth is that our society is not a daycare center. Instead it is a society of adults who should be able to control and take care of themselves. We should treat it that way.

We cannot go through life by solely doing what feels good; we must also do good.


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