The Left’s Attitude Towards Disagreement


In a previous article, I noted that Leftism is emotion-based. Emotions override the Left’s rationality in every area of policy. Moreover, the takeover of emotions on the Left also has to do with how the Left deals with people they disagree with. Nonetheless, let it be clear that there are both good and bad people on both sides.

There is rarely a time when debating someone on the Left, when he or she is not offended by something you say politically in some way. Whether it has to do with foreign policy or abortion, it seems that if someone disagrees with a Left-wing position, it is somehow hurtful. This plays into the theme of emotions on the Left, where they believe that nobody should be able to say “Merry Christmas” because it may offend a non-Christian. Or when the Left wanted to stop keeping scores of children sports games in Massachusetts so nobody’s feelings are hurt if they lose.

Most of the time, emotions clearly override the Left’s civility when confronting people they disagree with. There are many times when prominent Conservatives, as well as myself, are attacked as being either selfish or even intolerant of others. In most cases:

If Conservatives are against women having abortions, they are called sexist.

If Conservatives are against illegal immigration, they are called xenophobic and intolerant.

If Conservatives believe that radical Islamic violence is the biggest threat facing humanity at this time, they are called Islamophobic and bigoted.

If Conservatives simply believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, they are called homophobic and bigoted.

If Conservatives do not vote for a Black politician or do not believe in race-based affirmative action, they are called racist.

Furthermore, this type of name calling can be summed up into one term which author Dennis Prager has created: “sixherb”: sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, and bigoted. However, in most cases, Conservatives simply believe that their opponents are wrong and do not believe they mean poorly.

Here is the ultimate difference: Conservatives believe that the Left has good intentions, but make bad policies. The Left, however, believe Conservatives have bad intentions and mean poorly for others. Therefore, there is no need to debate Conservatives if you believe that they mean poorly. Why debate someone if you think they are a racist and a homophobe? I would not.

There are many examples of the demeaning of the Left’s opponents such as the time when President Obama stated that Conservatives want “dirty air and water.”

Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic Party, said, “In contradistinction to the Republicans, Democrats don’t believe kids ought to go to bed hungry at night.” Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.)

USC Political Science Professor, Darry Sragow was caught on camera by a student characterizing the GOP and its members as “losers,” “stupid,” and “racist.”

This demeanment worsens where GOP Strategist Karl Rove was called by many students of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst as a “murderer” and “terrorist,” while others held signs that read “war criminal.” As well as books written, charging President Bush as a murderer, such as The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder written by Vincent Bugliosi.

The list goes on and on even from the time when Barry Goldwater was declared by over 2,000 psychiatrists to be mentally ill.

Unfortunately, the Left’s demeaning of their opponents is one of the big reasons why so many people vote for the Democratic Party. Many people who vote Democrat do not even share their values, but why should anybody vote for a Republican? Since, after all, Republicans are considered bad people from the Left, and are so often demeaned as being sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, and bigoted. Nobody would want to vote for mean-spirited people, as Republicans are so often called.

No matter how disastrous Left-wing policies are, as seen in the welfare states of Western Europe, people vote for the Left because of the anger from the Left towards the Right.

This is a very childish aspect of the Left, as Leftism is an emotion-based ideology.

If at one point in the future, the demonization of the Right came to a halt and people no longer saw the Conservatives as mean-spirited people, the growth of support for Conservatism would be dramatic. Instead of seeing Conservatives as mean-sprited, people would finally pay attention to all the failure Leftism has produced in Western Europe. Where Western Europeans assume that the state will take care of them, moreover feeling entitled to things from the government. When observing this failure in Europe, people will thereby realize the fact that the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.

One of the biggest differences between the Left and the Right is that Conservatives measure morality based on what happens, not what is intended, unlike the Left who consistently attack the Right’s motives; No matter how much good limited government has done for society.

There is a battle between being guided by one’s feelings and one’s rationality. I hope that people start to be rational in their decision making, instead of following how they feel towards people on one side of an issue. This idea of seeing your opponents as evil people is rarely seen on the Right. The problem with people on the Left is that once they stop demeaning their opponents, they have to actually start debating issues.

I trust that most people would certainly believe that, generally speaking, as people become older, they become wiser and use their brains, instead of being preoccupied by emotions. Moreover, there is a reason why most Americans become more Conservative as they get older.


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