An Ungrateful Generation


Almost any immigrant group that has fled a Communist or tyrannical government to the United States has been overwhelmingly Conservative. People from countries such as Iran or Cuba tend to have Conservative positions. However, the second generation of these groups tends to become more Leftist.

The truth is that the people from these tyrannical countries understand how big of a threat big government is. They understand that once the government expands, liberty contracts. Moreover, they are more appreciative of liberty and understand how precious it is. Therefore, they know how important it is to keep American values alive and why it is essential that America stay strong.

They also know how important it is to fight evil. They understand that evil cannot be stopped by nations laying down their arms and settling differences. They know that the only way to stop evil is for the good to be stronger than the bad. Marine corps have done more for peace than Peace Corps. Furthermore, they realize how essential it is that America stay strong and have a big presence in the world because they know that when America is strong, there is a world with less cruelty. For goodness to prevail, the good must be stronger than the bad.

Unfortunately, the second generation of these groups tends to hold the opposite view about America. This is overwhelmingly because of the messaging of the media and what people are taught in schools. Starting from a young age, people are taught very emotion-based ideas.

One of the most popular ideas which I was also consistently taught, is the phrase, “war is not the answer.” This is a very popular and feelings-based idea. The fact that you do not need to fight evil and peace will be achieved without having to fight for it is a very big perception on the Left. People are starting to believe that instead of fighting evil, fighting is evil. However, they do not understand that evil cannot be stopped, unless it is fought. Nazi death camps were liberated by a military, not peace activists.

Another commonly taught idea is that America has done more harm than good for the world and that it makes war with countries such as Korea and Vietnam primarily because of imperialist and economic reasons. This why the Left and many young people want America to be weakened, and therefore trust should be put into the United Nations. Unfortunately, the UN has done more bad than good. It has done nothing to stop genocide in places like Congo and Sudan, gave a respectable forum to tyrannies, and consistently denounced one of the few humane states, Israel. Its effort to stop human suffering is seen when Libya is elected to its Human Rights Commission and Iran is elected to its Commission on the Status of Women. Is having more trust in the UN more morally stable than in the United States? Of course not, but the Left seems to be living in a morally upside down world.

Another Left-wing teaching towards the youth is that Israel is mainly responsible for the conflict in the Middle East. This is the first time in history that a free country is blamed for a conflict. That is why there are so many anti-Israel protests in American universities. The moral damage that the Left does to students is unbelievable.

America needs to be strong. Countries such as South Korea and Vietnam were freed because of America. But people are starting to adopt the notion that we should never offend enemies. This is why many Leftist politicians refuse to claim that radical Islam may be a factor motivating recent Muslim terrorists in America.

Throughout high school and college, people are taught inequality is considered a big evil. Furthermore, to stop poverty, they are taught that the government should give money to the poor to help them. However, they do not understand that this tactic produces ungrateful and therefore unhappy people that rely on the state to take care of them. All polls show that people who win the lottery are less happy than people who earn money. Happiness is earned, not given.

One of the biggest ideas taught to this generation is that Conservatives are mean spirited. The biggest genius on the Left is the demonization of Conservatives. People on the Left are taught that their policies are compassionate, tolerant, and open-minded. Therefore, whoever disagrees with these policies must be intolerant, close-minded, and not compassionate.  When many think Conservative, because of the Left, people think sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people do not vote Republican. They cannot imagine being considered or voting for a person who is mean-spirited. If you tell people enough times that Conservatives mean poorly, people will believe it.

Moreover, the fact that this generation supports a bigger and bigger government shows that they do not understand how good they have it here in America. They do not realize how important it is that the government stays as small as possible. This system is so unique to America and cannot be “fundamentally transformed” like the president says America should be. This system of America, which consists of Liberty, God, and E Pluribus Unum (From many one) is why America is so often referred to as the “land of opportunity” and is why more people immigrate here than any other country in the world. President Abraham Lincoln referred to America as the “last best hope of Earth.” This country will not remain the last best hope if its values are changed. This generation of Americans needs to understand that  goodness cannot prevail without the United States of America.



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