The Only Solution to the World’s Problems

The Only Solution to the World’s Problems

There is only one solution to the world’s moral problems. Many see this solution as silly unfortunately. Nonetheless, the solution to the worlds problems is the Ten Commandments. Please read this article explaining this above.

The Welfare State and the Selfish Society

Many may think that a free market society produces a more selfish society, while the Welfare state produces a more kind and compassionate society. The truth is that the welfare state produces a much more selfish and narcissistic society despite its intentions. Capitalism, in fact, produces the most altruistic society ever created.

Please watch this 5-minute Prager University course about this issue.

The Divide



The more Americans are grateful for the United States and think it is a good place, marry and have children, and go to church more often, Republicans win more elections.

When more Americans see the United States as mean-spirited, have children without getting married, and leave a religious community, Democrats win more elections.

Just a look at the divide and what is at stake.

The Dennis Prager Show


The Dennis Prager Show

A radio talk show that I listen to almost daily and which I believe is one of the most important radio programs is the Dennis Prager Show on the Salem Radio Network, hosted by Dennis Prager. It covers a whole range of issues from male/female relationships, happiness, and politics. Most importantly, Prager makes the case for American values and how it is best to produce a good society.

It doesn’t matter if you are anywhere from a Socialist to a Conservative. This show is fun and very interesting for people of all ages. You will experience a much deeper level of thinking about issues than you ever have before. It is not like the typical Conservative talk show that you may think of. I highly recommend it to everyone around the world. To find your local station and to be able to listen to the show online, please click on the link above.

God-based Society

God-based Society

The American system says the society should be morally accountable to a God. If people know they are judged by a God for their actions, they will not need a larger government to judge them. Therefore, liberty depends on God!

This is one of the many reasons Western Europe has such large states. As they have become more secular, the government has become larger.

A God-based society is essential.