Why does the world need American values


Ending evil is ultimately the most important thing anybody can do in life. Moreover, every human being has one life to live on this Earth. Each and every one of us has to find the best value system there is to end most evil and to make a good society.

Virtually very society has some type of value system and each has to be judged by its “fruit” (results). I believe the United States of America has had the best “fruit.” This is entirely due to America’s value system. This unique system has produced the most opportunity-giving and liberty-loving society in the history of the world.

The American value system, which may also be referred to as the American trinity, first coined by radio talk show host, Dennis Prager,  is inscribed on every American coin: “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum” (From many one). No other country has these values as its core values.

“Liberty” needs the individual to be as free as possible. It also requires the government to be as small as possible. This therefore means that the citizen is needed more. The unique aspect of this idea is that the citizen has big roles in the society and feels the need to take care of his/her loved ones, neighbor, and community. However, once the government becomes bigger, the individual is needed less. This is why Americans give much more charity and volunteer far more hours than Western Europeans, who live in societies with larger governments.

“In God We Trust” means that God is the source of values and rights. If the government is the source, then rights can be taken away, because, after all they were given by people. It also means that in order to make a good society, people must be morally accountable to a God that demands moral goodness. That is the only way to have society with liberty as well as goodness. If an individual is not God-fearing, he/she will be government-fearing instead. If people have a God that judges their actions, they will not need a large government to. This is why Western Europe has had its government increase as it has become more secular. As the absence of God increases, the government increases. Therefore, liberty depends on a God-based society.

The founders of the United States knew this– even those who are often labeled as Deists. They believed that there is a God that judges the actions of nations. The Liberty Bell even has an inscription from the Hebrew Bible: “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” Moreover, no other country has died for the liberty of other peoples more than the United States of America. This is one of the reasons proponents of American values want America to be the strongest country on Earth.

“E Pluribus Unum,” meaning “from many one” in Latin, means that your racial, ethnic, and blood origins are irrelevant to society. All we ask is that you hold American values. A society that holds a national identity above race, ethnicity, and blood is unique to America. Those who affirm American values want Japanese to feel as Japanese as possible, Russians to feel as Russian as possible, and so on. “E Pluribus Unum” in fact wants every individual to keep and hold on to his/her own traditions and religion. However, to the rest of us in American society, you are considered an American. Nonetheless, this idea only works if it is also rooted with “Liberty” and “In God We Trust.”

Consider this illustration: If a Turk moved to Russia to become a Russian citizen, he/she would remain Turk for generations. This individual would not be considered a fellow Russian even though he/she is a Russian citizen. However, once any immigrant becomes a citizen in the United States, they are considered a fellow American within a week. This is one of the reasons America is so unique.

There is no doubt that the American value system has produced an exceptional country. It has given people a chance to succeed more than any other society in the world. It has produced the most altruistic society; where the citizen is taught to work hard, take care of himself, and others. It is the country where more people have immigrated and assimilated faster than any other country in the world. It has also died for the freedom of others and fought evil more than any other country in history. This is due to America’s unique value system.

This American trinity is applicable to just about any society in the world and I believe it is the best system to produce a good society.

Moreover, on this Fourth of July, I hope that we all take a moment to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in such a decent society and that the only reason this country is great is because of  “Liberty,” In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum.”


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