Do high taxes raise more money?

Do high taxes raise more revenue for the government? Find out.


Cuban-American Vote



Cuban-American Vote

Those who have lived in countries with a tyrannical society understand how important a small government based society is to ensure liberty. An example of such people are Cuban immigrants. Unfortunately, the next generation of these immigrants have been taught by the American universities and the media that a big government makes a better society. This is devastating.

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The Welfare State

The Western European vision of the society where the government has a larger role in taking care of citizens does no good.

Once the government becomes bigger, we take less care of ourselves. Another example of this is in this report courtesy of Fox News.

It may feel good to have the government give money to people, but this notion produces a narcissistic society compared to the American system which relies on a small government; Therefore teaching people to take care of themselves and others.

Which system produces a better society?




The online magazine Slate announced that it won’t refer to the Washington’s National Football League team, the Redskins, by its name.

Do any of you think the team meant to offend anyone by making this its name? Don’t you name a team aftersomething to elevate it?

Doesn’t the NAACP stand for “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People”? Does that mean that they intend to offend blacks? Of course not.

You have to judge actions such as these by their motives. You cannot be guided by feelings.

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