Americans give more charity


Americans give more charity

Another study confirms that Americans give more money to charity than Europeans – by a lot.

There is a reason for this. Leftism advocates that it is more compassionate and that the Welfare State produces more selfless people.

The truth is the opposite. The Welfare State, which calls for a BIGGER government, produces people that rely on the state to take care of them and their fellow citizens. Why take care of others if the government will take care of everyone?

The fact is that in the American system, which calls for a SMALLER government, people are taught to work hard, take care of themselves, and others in the community.

The BIGGER the government the SMALLER the citizen.
When the government is SMALLER, the citizen is needed more.

This is why Americans give much more charity and volunteer far more hours that Western Europeans.

Which produces a better society?

See new study in link above:


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