Leftism’s Wishful Thinking

President Obama has decided that he wants to negotiate with the president of a country that wishes to wipe Israel off the map. 

The Left does not wish to fight evil. They believe that “war is not the answer.”

In a world where evil triumphs, tragically, war is the answer. Nazi death camps were liberated by soldiers, not peace activists. 

It feels good to say “war is not the answer.” One has to use their head to know that the only way for goodness to prevail in the world, is that evil needs to be fought. Negotiating with a man who leads a country that supports numerous dictators around the world, murders people who demand freedom in their own country, supports terror in different parts of the world, supports Hezbollah and Syria, and is developing nuclear weapons after stating that it will obliterate another nation, is naïve. 

The world is better when America is feared and is the strongest country on earth. The Left would rather have the United Nations lead the world.

In almost every area of Leftist thinking, you will find naïveté and wishful thinking.


The Welfare State

The Welfare state is a perfect example of a feelings-based policy. It feels good to have the government take care of people and give free entitlements.

The problem is the Left judges their policies based on what their motives are and what actually happens.

When people are taken care of by the state, they make less of an effort to be independent and take care of themselves and others.

Even though the Left advocates that they are the more kind ones, they are produce the more selfish and narcissistic society. This is why there are riots and protests in Western Europe over receiving more vacation time. Western Europeans, because of the Welfare state, see work as a pain to be avoided. After all, they will be taken care of.

Moreover, their preoccupations become more narcissistic such as having more time to travel. That’s what’s left.